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About NettStack
NettStack is a technological company founded in December 2017 in the western part of Africa, Nigeria. It's sole aim is to build mobile applications on multiple mobile platforms which provides a specific service.
We run our services 24hour round the clock with highly secured centrallized server. We strongly believe in creativity as it makes us stand out from others.

Every registered member of any particular NettStack Service is officially called a NettUser. We have designed our system in such a way that you can use a single account to access all NettStack Services.
For instance if you have Silver and 1234 as your username and pin respectively for a particular NettStack Service, you can also use this details to login into other NettStack Service without having to re-register again.

We have built a strong partnership with PayStack as our payment processor. This is to ensure payments of some of our services very easy and fast. We are a friendly company are we will welcome any company that wishes to partner with us for positive improvements in our services and maximum customer satisfaction.

Apart from the fact that we take our company seriously, we also need to ensure we build trust with our customers, therefore we have registered our company with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. We are a legal company backed up by the Nigerian law. You can lookup "NettStack Services" on Corporate Affairs Commission public search directory for clarification and confirmation.

Terms of Use
Each NettStack Service comes with it's own terms and conditions and privacy policy.
All terms should be read and agreed for proper use of our services.

Need to get in touch? Call 08104422662 or send a mail to