The dream is to build one of the biggest internet company in Africa
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At NettStack, we push the boundaries and develop the most cutting-edge solutions, which will enhance our customers service experience. We beleive in people as our greatest resources, building together as a team with each person entitled to an innovative environment with cool office spaces, great perks and lots more. Anyone who joins us is encouraged to share their ideas and grow the company as we advance on our shared thinking journey, Together.

Software Developer
• Solid unserstanding of android developement
• Solid understanding of ios developement
• Be familiar with php
• Have little knowledge about sql database

Financial Manager
• Ability to manage bank accounts
• Good knowledge balance sheets
• Ability to keep business records
• Computer operations skills

Customer Support
• Ability to communicate fluently
• Good spoken and written english
• Experience with internet services
• Computer operations skills

We are hiring!!
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• We need interns
• We need contract staffs
• We need full-time workers

Code Of Conduct
Employees of NettStack should do the right thing, follow the law, act honorably, and treat co-workers with courtesy and respect. We expect all of our employees to know and follow this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Always Avoid Conflicts of Interest.
When considering a course of action, ask yourself whether the action you’re considering could create an incentive for you, or appear to others to create an incentive for you, to benefit yourself, your friends or family, or an associated business at the expense of Alphabet. If the answer is "yes", the action you’re considering is likely to create a conflict of interest situation, and you should avoid it.

Obey the Law and Comply with all applicable legal requirements and understand the major laws and regulations.

Be Financially Responsible
Ensure that money is appropriately spent, our financial records are complete and accurate. If your job involves the financial recording of our transactions, make sure that you’re familiar with all relevant policies, including those relating to revenue recognition. Never interfere with the auditing of financial records.

We rely on one another’s good judgement to uphold a high standard of integrity for ourselves and our company. We expect all employees to be guided by both the letter and the spirit of this Code.